Tie Down the Airplane

It’s spring and big winds are back. Tie down your aircraft if you aren’t at the controls because enough wind can fly anything from this…

An airplane flies away in a gust of wind because it wasn't secured.

Click to see what happens…

To this! All the wing needs is sufficient airspeed and it *will* fly. That’s what happened to the 747 in the link above. It’s been stripped down at the boneyard so it’s very light, and stall speed decreases with weight, so the wing needs less airspeed to fly. The only reason this 747 didn’t do like the light airplane above is the 747 was tied down at the main landing gear.

This isn’t just a windy day piece of advice. Helicopter downwash on a ramp can fly most light airplanes just as easily (if not more so) than high winds can.

So secure your aircraft. Tie it down fast if you aren’t at the controls.