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What Makes Airplanes Fly & The Wake Vortex

Wake Vortex GIF

My wife found this neat graphic and I wanted to share it.  I don’t know the source or how this was done.  Looks like a 4 engine airliner flying through fog, but illuminated in one plane by a laser.  If that’s what this is it’s a really great view of how air is forced down by the wing to resist the aircraft’s weight, and the resulting wake vortices shed by the wing.

July-August Cross Country Flying

It’s been busy recently here.  Mike Riley has been doing a lot of cross country flying working toward his private pilot certificate so we have been flying over a lot of California.

Dodging Thunderstorms on our way back from a flight to Lone Pine, Furnace Creek (Death Valley), Trona, and back to Inyokern.2013-07-28 10.23.20

The Tehachapi Loop.  A rail road wonder of the world.  Taken on short a breakfast loop from Inyokern to Kern Valley, then to Tehachapi, and finally back to Inyokern.2013-08-02 08.27.12

Somebody has the same if-I-never-had-to-work-again-job idea I had: blasting around in a big, bright, open-cockpit biplane giving rides and towing gliders!  He couldn’t have found a better spot for it either in Oceano.  Right on the coast too!  What a nice Boeing-Stearman model 75 with 450 horsepower!  Snapped this on a flight from Inyokern to Lancaster, then on to Oceano, and finally back to Inyokern.2013-08-04 12.55.54